Seminar on the Future of Space Tourism to be held in the framework of the 13th Economic Forum

S.P.Korolev RSC Energia is an official partner of the 12th Economic Forum to be held on September 4-6 in Poland. The Forum, which provides a framework within which RSC Energia coordinates the preparations for and the holding of a seminar on The Future of Space Tourism, is organized by the Institute for East European Studies (Warsaw, Poland).

The objective of the Economic Forum is to expand political and economic cooperation between European countries, to establish relations of partnership in business and culture.

It is not by chance that the subject of space tourism was selected for discussion in one of the seminars - the number of people interested in private space flight steadily grows. The successful missions of the first tourists - D.Tito and M.Shuttleworth - provide an inspiration for many others to realize in practice their interest in space research. Commercial space flight is no longer an exception from the rules, and is considered as an independent line of commercial activities in space. The participants' papers will be dedicated to different aspects of space tourism ranging from the history of the development of this line of space flight to the investment attractiveness of space tourism projects.

The setting-up of the seminar is coordinated by pilot-cosmonaut, the head of RSC Energia Flight Test Division Alexander Alexandrov. The seminar will be hosted by the Head of the RSC Energia International Division, Candidate of Engineering Science Alexander Derechin.

A more detailed information about the 13th Economic Forum and the Future of Space Tourism seminar can be found on the forum's web site at

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