NASA Presolicitation Notice: Sponsorship Opportunity for Bandwidth Support to Return to Flight Missions (STS-114, STS-121)


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Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
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Posted Date: Apr 05, 2005
Original Response Date: Apr 13, 2005
Current Response Date: Apr 13, 2005
Original Archive Date: Apr 05, 2006
Current Archive Date: Apr 05, 2006
Classification Code: A -- Research & Development
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Contracting Office Address

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters Acquisition Branch, Code 210.H, Greenbelt, MD 20771



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Vision is: To improve life here, To extend life to there, To find life beyond. As Discovery and Atlantis are readied for their respective Return to Flight Missions, NASA is preparing to meet public demand to see the launches and missions. NASA's primary method for disseminating content is via the NASA Web Portal ( Based on data from previous missions (Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Huygens Landing, etc?) we expect 20 to 30 million visits to the NASA Web Portal with 250,000 to 500,000 Internet users also accessing NASA TV coverage via Web Streaming.

In the existing portal infrastructure, if this demand increase materializes, NASA may: 1. Cap the number of visitors and hours of web streaming coverage. This would force visitors to find content from other venues that may or may not cover the Return to Flight Missions.   2. Increase NASA's bandwidth coverage under NASA's existing contract to support the NASA Portal to meet the increased demand. NASA is releasing this announcement to solicit proposals from Non-NASA entities to support option 2 by sponsoring the bandwidth costs associated with increasing public access for the Return to Flight Missions. I

n exchange for this sponsorship NASA will consider offers to display the logo of the sponsor(s) and give credit to the sponsor(s) on the NASA Web Portal for the contribution of bandwidth costs. NASA will consider other suitable innovative concepts to acknowledge and publicize the Offeror's sponsorship.

NASA intends to enter into a Space Act Agreement with the selected sponsor and the existing NASA Web Portal contractor to cover these actions.

The selected sponsor(s) will in turn enter into an agreement with the existing NASA Web Portal contractor to pay for the associated costs of the bandwidth or a portion thereof. This Announcement is open through April 13, 2005.

NASA will not issue paper copies of this announcement.

NASA reserves the right to select for Space Act Agreement all, some or none of the proposals in response to this announcement. NASA provides no funding for reimbursement of proposal development costs. Material submitted in response to this Announcement will not be returned. It is the policy of NASA to safeguard all proposals as confidential and privileged information and NASA will not, without permission of the Offeror, use or disclose their contents for other than evaluation purposes. I. GENERAL INFORMATION Agency Name: NASA Sponsorship Opportunity Title: Return to Flight STS-114 and STS-121 Bandwidth Program Name: NASA Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD) Response Date: Electronic Proposals must be received by April 13, 2005 4:30 P.M. EDT via email to Teleconference: A teleconference is scheduled for April 8, 2005 at 1:30 P.M. EDT to answer questions pertaining to this announcement. This teleconference is limited to prospective Offerors only. Registration is required for this call-out teleconference. Please provide:      Name      Title      Company      Phone      Fax      Email via email to by 5 P.M. EDT April 7, 2005. Questions can be submitted ahead of time to the Point of Contact. If unable to attend the teleconference email a request for the information provided during the teleconference. Points of Contact:      Mr. Jason C. Crusan      Telephone: (202) 358-0635      Email: Instrument Type(s):

It is anticipated that awards under this Announcement will be in the form of Space Act Agreements, executed under the authority of 42 U.S.C. 2473(c)(5) and (6). Evaluation Panel: Government personnel from NASA and other Federal agencies may participate in the evaluation of proposals. All government personnel participating in the evaluation will be bound by appropriate non-disclosure requirements to protect proprietary information.

Award Date: Selection is anticipated in April 2005. Offerors Funding Availability: Funds need to be available May 2005. Submission Instructions: All Proposals under this Announcement must be emailed to Paper submissions will not be reviewed. Proposal submission may be at any time before the response date. You are encouraged to submit as early as practicable during this time period. Proposals received by the Government after the response date and time may not be accepted, at the Government's discretion. If Offeror is concerned about information security during transmission NASA has the ability to except secure transmission.

Contact the Point of Contact for secure transmission requirements. II.


1. Eligible Applicants All categories of non-NASA U.S. institutions are eligible to submit proposals in response to this Announcement. 2. Foreign Participation Based upon the short timeline to meet the requirements, NASA is not accepting proposals from foreign entities. III. EVALUATION INFORMATION BASIS FOR AWARD Best overall considering the specified evaluation criteria and weighting. NASA reserves the right to suggest collaboration between Offerors where it will enhance the effort, in which case an Offeror will be given the opportunity to accept or decline participation with other Offerors prior to award.


The factors below are of equal importance.

1. Factor 1: Quality and Appropriateness:      The overall merit, rationale and suitability of the proposed sponsorship approach or concept and its relevance to NASA's Mission. Highest priority will be placed on an approach or concept that will create a positive image for the Space Program.

2. Factor 2: Level of Commitment to Sponsorship of Bandwidth     

The demonstrated ability of the Offeror to meet financial commitments stated in the proposal. The amount of the Offeror's proposed financial commitment in terms of dollars provided will be evaluated. IV.


Page Limitations Title Total Pages Proposal Cover Page    1 Proposal Title Page    1 Points of Contact    1 Proposal Abstract 750 words Statement of Justification    1 Sponsorship Description    20 Pages in excess of the page limitations for each section will not be evaluated. A page is defined as one (1) sheet 8 ? x 11 inches using a minimum of 12-point font size for text and 8-point for graphs. The proposal must include the following sections, in this order: Proposal Cover Page: Solicited Proposal Application, Signature required. Proposal Title Page, with Notice of Restriction on Use and Disclosure of Proposal Information, if any. Points of Contact: List contact information for Sponsorship Point of Contact and Financial Point of Contact. Provide:    a. Name    b. Title    c. Address    d. Phone and Fax    e. Email Proposal Abstract: Brief Abstract Sponsorship Description: The Sponsorship description shall contain sufficient detail to enable reviewers to make informed judgments about the overall merit of the proposed effort and about the probability that Offeror will accomplish their stated level of commitment to the sponsorship. In addition, the proposal shall clearly explain Offeror's expected return for sponsorship with NASA on this project. This section should expand on the topics in the proposal abstract and follow the format below: a. Factor 1: Quality and appropriateness of the proposed effort. ? A description of the proposed sponsorship goals and objectives. A description of the business the Offeror engages in, including, specific qualifications, products, services, and how this relates to NASA Mission. A description of Offeror's proposed logo placement, display, or other characteristics. Also, provide any other actions Offeror proposes taking in relation to sponsorship (e.g. exclusivity, press release, third-party organizations, links, etc?). b. Factor 2: Level of Commitment to Sponsorship of Bandwidth ? Provide a description of the level of commitment in the form of dollars being contributed to the sponsorship effort. Also include additional proposed in-kind efforts to increase public access to the RTF content. ? Demonstrate financial ability at the level committed under the proposal ? Demonstrate that no government funds will be used to meet financial commitment    

Point of Contact

Jason C Crusan, IR&D and Technology Development Investment Analyst, Phone (202) 358-0635, Fax (202) 358-3530, Email

Email your questions to Jason C Crusan at


What is the Web portal baseline bandwidth?

Under the contract the baseline bandwidth is 300 mbps with peaks allowed up to 1,500 mbps. Peaks beyond this are within scope but they are done as an additional cost

What is the expected traffic level?

We expect 20 to 30 million visits to the NASA Web portal during the flight, with between 250,000 and 500,000 requests for Webcast streams of NASA TV. The estimated peak traffic is about 14-28 gigabits per second (14-28,000 mbps), 40 times baseline traffic. NASA streaming delivery is at 150kbps rate.

What is covered under the term Sponsorship? Are there areas of the website that NASA perceives as 'off limits' for advertising, or conversely, does NASA have a preferred location for the advertising?

Credit will be given to the sponsor(s). NASA is open to innovative proposals. Exclusive and non-exclusive sponsorship proposals will be evaluated. The proposal will be evaluated based on the two evaluation factors which include the appropriateness of the proposed credit. Neither NASA nor the sponsor will be selling advertising space.

What is the cost of sponsoring the NASA website during a Major event such as STS-114. Can you give me a rough estimate of what that typically costs?

NASA is soliciting proposals which include the level of funding commitment to existing contractor which gives NASA the ability to distribute more content. NASA has not in the past ever asked for sponsorship in this way. Depending on what is proposed the amount committed could vary significantly.

Does NASA have a preference for one sponsor or multiple sponsors?

NASA does not have a preference for one or multiple sponsorship. NASA will evaluate every proposal equally.

From a layout perspective, can we assume that the introductory flash animation and other sections and components of will remain generally the same over the next several months?

The layout of the site will remain generally the same for now until the second Return to Flight Mission (STS-121). The introductory Flash element may be replaced following STS-114 if news events warrant. Currently, we expect to use roughly the same multimedia approach for STS-121.

Is advertising limited mostly to graphical locations on or could additions to the navigation bars be considered?

For the most part the navigation is fixed throughout the NASA Web Portal but NASA is open to innovative proposals. Changing the navigation structure of the portal can have substantial implications for the site's usability -- possibly requiring users to "re-learn" the site. Offerors requesting consideration of such changes need to be aware that such an effort on NASA's part will need to be justified by a considerable benefit.

What did NASA pay the portal ISP vendor for bandwidth spikes during the Mars Rover events in early 2004?

NASA costs for providing the content during those events was approximately $2 Million. This included delivery of all event content. Event coverage over 90-day period.

Will the bandwidth vendor extend the same pricing/discount rates to the awardees that they are currently providing to NASA?

How much is NASA currently paying per megabit for bandwidth under the current contract?

The selected Sponsor(s) will be transferring the committed funds directly to the contractor. The Sponsor(s)'s funds will give NASA increased access to bandwidth beyond what NASA's base contract for content delivery.

Can multiple pricing/advertising scenarios be presented in one proposal? For example, does NASA prefer a price per click through approach, a price per ad size, or some other pricing scenario?

Multiple scenarios can be presented within one proposal as long as the requested information is complete. Also, the Offeror should clearly state NASA options for selecting part or all of the Proposal in this case.

How many organizations have shown interest in this proposal?

To date we have received significant interest. The industries that the potential Offeror's represent are varied.

Is there any way NASA can help us determine if any offerors are interested in typical e-commerce advertising solutions, such as banner ad rotation, that could allow multiple offerors to share a common advertising real estate location?

If an Offeror is interested in this scenario they should clearly state that as one of their proposed options and supply the requested information in regards to this Offer. NASA would consider this option under this announcement.

Will the winning offerors have access to raw log files to confirm page views, visitors, etc.?

NASA is open to providing log data to support confirmation of page views, visitors, etc… If part of the proposal is dependent upon access to specific data please state that in the proposal.

Is NASA open to parallel press exposure (i.e. commercial or other media ad campaign that states "Co. x is proud to be a sponsor of NASA Return to Flight direct web coverage. Follow all the mission events directly from NASA as courtesy of Co. X)?

NASA is open to Sponsor(s) press releases. If this is part of the proposal please include it in the proposal.

What rate is NASA paying per mbps?

NASA is paying comparable rates to industry standards.

Has the contract changed since the Mars Landings?

Yes the contract has changed but the vendor is the same. The terms of the contract are also better because of competitiveness in the market place.

What electronic form do you want the proposals in?

Word, PDF, or RTF files are exceptable.

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